Providing “experience design” solutions for the contemporary human environment

Rajiv Narain & Partners Architects is an award winning multidisciplinary Architectural Design firm that was established in 1994 and has since, been providing experience design solutions for the contemporary human environment. Our desire to remain versatile on the one hand and to adopt a concept of total design on the other has ensured that each of our projects is imparted with a very special image, personality and identity. It is what we call – “Experience Design – Crafting the Human Environment”. We have executed projects in diverse parts of India ranging from Goa and Rajasthan in Western India to Nagaland in the Northeast. We have also undertaken works overseas in Nepal and the Sultanate of Oman.

Our portfolio is extensive. We have dealt with high technology architectural and interior design solutions for Corporate and Retail clients, used vernacular inspirations to craft boutique Hospitality and Tourist environments and worked with rural building crafts and techniques. Our deep understanding of the Indian context – both urban as well as rural, has been built after research and association with projects spread over different parts of this vast and diverse country.

In 2005 we set up a Joint Venture Design Collaborative with Karan Grover & Associates. The Collaborative is currently engaged in a wide range of projects.